Creating an alluring scent that turns the head of those around you with the unique, unisex fragrances designed by 4 EV3R.

These powerful scents conjure up the smell of confidence, poise, and grace with their carefully selected arrangement of natural ingredients.

Engage the minds of everyone who passes you with a daring mixture of scents designed to tell a sensual and evocative story unique to you. You'll dazzle everyone you speak with through a signature scent from one of our lines.

Enthrall those you care about with the classic wood and leather aroma of our Tuscan line, or dare to charm with the sophisticated honey patchouli scent our Deal fragrance has to offer. Switch them up, or make one your go-to.

Your scent tells others a story about how you feel about yourself. Make it a vivid one with the tantalizing edges provided by the intoxicating blends we devote ourselves to creating.

Whether you want a dark and moody smell that some find irresistible, or a sophisticated note that speaks of exquisite refinement, you'll be able to find it within one of our powerful collections.

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We’re all about transforming the fragrances!

We believe in creating scents that captivate and inspire, while at the same time making them affordable enough for everyday use. Our scientists immerse themselves in the world of fragrance, searching out some of the most exquisite scents from around the world in order to make a combination that satisfies the inner desires of our customers.
4 EV3R is a bespoke perfumery company which specializes in creating unisex luxury fragrances using natural ingredients that stand the test of time.
We believe that your fragrance tells a story about you, that other people experience every time they pass you on the street. We endeavor to ensure that every time you choose a 4 EV3R scent, that story reflects the true essence of your personality.
Our passion is in fragrance, and we have dedicated our lives in making sure that your needs, wants, and desires are reflected within every spray of our signature products. We focus on four major family fragrances in order to derive our popular scents. These signature scents include:

These beautiful notes are our current focus, but we plan to reach out and touch a variety of other exciting scents in the future.
Through the power of our fragrances, we have been able to meet amazing people throughout the world, and learn about their lives and their needs. We have discovered that there are a variety of good people out there who need a little help to be successful, and we aim to sponsor charities in the countries we operate in, to extend a helping hand to these people.